Monday, January 19, 2009

Digital Storytelling with the Flip Camera

Our campus just purchased 4 Flip Video Recorders for teachers to check out and use with their students. As educators, we know that 90% of the brain’s sensory input comes from visual sources, so it stands to reason that the most powerful influence on learner’s behavior is concrete, visual images (Jensen, 1994). Research also reveals that simulations/role play increase meaning, are motivational, and facilitate transfer of knowledge (Wolfe, 2001). Difficult concepts will be easier to understand when our ditigal students become more actively and authentically engaged in the concepts being taught. Digital media is a great tool to help teachers do just this.

Our teachers have created several digital stories with their students using Photo Story 3 and iMovie, and now we're anxious to try out our new Flip Recorders in an educational setting. Here's a quick video on helpful tips for using the Flip camera.

Although I've found that the video quality isn't great with these cameras, I do love how simple and inexpensive the Flip is to use...even your Kindergarten students will be able to record with these cameras. I also like how the camera has a built in USB plug that "flips" out to download to your computer. The Flip comes with built in software to help you produce your videos. See the video below on the basics of downloading your video.

Here are some great ideas from Lee Summit, MO for video projects . Most teachers use storyboards for planning video projects with their students. Here's a template I like for the elementary level and this is another template that I think would be useful. There are also many useful resources for digital media at

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Hi, I'm a freelance writer working on a feature article on the use of flipcams and cell phones for videos in school projects. I would like to interview C Long or other educators on this topic and need to get in touch with them TODAY if at all possible. If you are interested in speaking with me, please email me at Thanks! Kathy